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Art Printing Company was founded in 1932 specifically to provide printing to the food service industry.

For over 75 years, we have been a leader, providing Trayliners, Placemats and all required printing to the Foodservice Industry across North America. Restaurants, Franchise Foodservice Chains, Hotels and expanding operators all have enjoyed the benefits of using Art Printing Company, a placemat and trayliner specialist, to help market restaurant specific products.

Complete in-house facilities, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, maximizes our ability to satisfy your tight marketing timelines, and, after 75 years, you can be assured that we have mastered quality and the ability to expedite deliveries, all the while maintaining the lowest costs!

No other mass produced placemat or trayliner manufacturer can match our quality of print.

Placemates & Trayliners

We design and manufacture a wide selection of custom and stock design placemats and trayliners that are distinctive, informative and sanitary. Placemats and trayliners are an important marketing tool that can be used to advertise a special promotion or to present an entire menu. The design can convey a particular theme or message to each of your dining patrons. We can work with you to create a unique look for your location. Choose from a variety of papers and finish off with round cornered, scalloped or square cut.

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At Art Printing we have specialized in the development of Activity Books for Kids. In any dining environment that caters to kids, activity books are a must. Puzzles, games, menu items, connect the dot activities and many more, fill the pages and keep the kids happy until the meal arrives. We can develop an activity book expecially suited to your restaurant. Talk with one of our representatives about how our activity books can expand your business by making it more "kid friendly".
Art Printing Company can work with you to develop a unique Kids Menu for your restaurant. Family dining is always an enjoyable experience and having a separate menu for the kids makes it even more special. These are often combined with activites for the kids to keep them happy until the food arrives. The kids always love having their own menu and the parents will thank you.
Kids Placemats...what a great way to keep the kids entertained and present your kids' menu in a fun and interesting way. We have developed literally dozens of placemats for kids both custom designed for individual restaurants and "off the shelf" styes that make buying placemats extremely cost effective. Talk to one of our representatives about how kids placemats can make family dining a more enjoyable experience for your patrons.

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Art Printing Company produces millions of coupons every year. From single colour designs to custom-designed four colour printing with perforating and numbering, we can provide exactly what you require to promote your business or special event. Coupon giveaways are a popular and effective means to generate instant returns for your business. This proven method gets immediate results for minimal cost. Let our experience help you create an effective coupon campaign.

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Art Printing Company was founded in 1932 specifically to provide printing to the food service industry.

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We work with some great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work for you.

Guest Checks

Every restaurant, regardless of size or sophistication must have a form of guest check to allow the customer to review their bill before paying. At Art Printing, we know and understand this simple yet critical part of every restaurant business transaction. Through many years of development, and working with a large number of clients, we have devised a guest check system that is simple to use and clearly allows the server to itemize food items and beverages so that billing is correct and easily confirmed.

We can customize our checks with your logo or other identification, or we can design a uniquely branded check for your restaurant.

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No other mass produced placemat or trayliner manufacturer can match our quality of print.

- Johnathan Ginou -


Here are some samples of our work. We work with some great brands.

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